5 Reasons Why You Need Motorized Window Shades

5 Reasons Why You Need Motorized Window Shades
October 1, 2022 All Blinds & Shutters

Of all the Santa Clarita home automation strides made in the recent past, the ability to automate your window shades with the touch of a button is the most interesting one. Motorized window shades allow you to control the amount of privacy and sunlight in the room. They offer many conveniences while enabling you to transform the feel of your room. If you are not convinced that you should install motorized window shades, here are five reasons to show you why.

  1. Elegance: It is very hard to get ordinary shades into the exact position you want regardless of how hard you tug. Motorizing them allows you to drag them into the right spot smoothly. With a bank of windows, all the motorized shades move in perfect alignment.

  2. Energy savings: The solar heat that passes through the window during the day can make your HVAC work overtime. Installing a sun sensor along with motorized shades can help get them to close automatically when the sunlight is at its brightest. This allows one to save on the cost of energy as well as protect your furniture.

  3. Enhanced security: As previously mentioned, motorized shades are part of the home automation system, and this means that you can control them remotely. This helps especially if you are always forgetting to close your windows when leaving for work as you can solve the issue with an application on your phone. Motorized shades can also be programmed to close and open automatically throughout the day.

  4. Convenience: Opening and closing your windows as well as shades manually can quite the hassle especially if your house has many of them. Installing motorized shades that are tied into a control system allows you to open and close your windows automatically.

  5. Instant privacy: The best way to prevent nosey neighbors from peeking through your window is the ability to shut it automatically. That is the thing about motorized shades – you can achieve instant privacy with the touch of a button.

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