Bedroom Organization Tips

Bedroom Organization Tips
March 19, 2018 All Blinds & Shutters
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Bedroom Organization Tips

santa clarita blackout shadesSo you want to organize your bedroom? These bedroom organization tips are sure to help you get started! The first step is to develop a plan with some organizational inspiration before you begin. This will help you to determine a plan of action prior to gathering supplies and getting started!

Take Inventory of Your Items

When you take time to re-do or re-organize your bedroom, it is a great opportunity to take inventory of the items that you have. During this process, if you find items that you no longer need or use, look into donation facilities in your area that may take them off your hands. It may be difficult to get rid of items at first, but if you can do it, it will give you more room for organization!

Taking stock of your items will also help you determine how much storage and organization space you will need. If you are storing items in totes in your bedroom or if you have under-the-bed storage, be sure to look in these areas too. Usually, if you cannot see your items they do not get as much use. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about these bedroom organization tips!

Take Measurements 

This is an important step in the planning phase because it will impact all of the following steps! When you are measuring the room, take into account any closets or small places that you would like to utilize when organizing your bedroom.

Choose a Color Scheme 

This is also important to do prior to starting the organizing process so that your organization has a consistent color code throughout. The safe route is to go with a neutral color such as white or black. Neutral colors are a great option if you think you will be gathering supplies from multiple stores so that you do not have to worry about matching specific colors.

Think About Functionality

If you are in the Santa Clarita area, you know that the sunshine can often wake you up when you are attempting to catch a little extra sleep on the weekend. Updating window coverings are great for functional and visual purposes. Updated window coverings not only help you to sleep in on the weekends but can also bring the whole room together when doing an organizational makeover.

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