Brighten a Dark Room Using Window Treatments

Brighten a Dark Room Using Window Treatments
November 1, 2022 All Blinds & Shutters

Rooms that are dark can be gloomy and depressing. Sunshine is the ultimate cure-all for brightening a room and improving your attitude. If you are ready to open up that space for a more pleasing atmosphere, these Santa Clarita window treatments are worth considering.

Maximize your Space

Use sheer vertical window shadings in place of heavy dark drapes for patio doors. Stay with a light and airy color to bring transparency throughout the room. Even when closed, the natural feeling of warm sunlight will be experienced. These window shades in Santa Clarita can flatter any decor.

Another method of bringing in more light is by teaming up a designer screen with outer drapes that exceed the window space. Bring festive-patterned curtains 2 feet beyond the window opening and mimic a larger opening than actually exists. The illusion of space with a roll-up semi-transparent shade will create a new look with a full stream of light.

Use Reflection as a Tool

Santa Clarita window treatments would not be complete without a few designing tricks. For instance, mirrors are a wonderful way to reflect light. Place a mirror on the same wall as your window then add a similar shape and sized mirror on the opposite wall. You will be amazed at how bright everything instantly appears.

Another trick for light reflection can be found with end tables and coffee tables. Use glass and chrome instead of dark wood. If shutters are used as a preferred window treatment, select wide slats for depth and there will always be a lighter feel to the space.

Artificial Light

Pendant lighting in dark corners aid in keeping the room from feeling closed-in and small. Together with semi-transparent window shades in Santa Clarita, you will be in control of how bright the space actually appears. Specific LED lighting can also add warmth and a twinkle of light when dotted on plants, used atop doorways and windows.

Color, light and depth are the important factors in bringing more light into a room. Begin with looking at your windows and how you can make the natural light work for you. 

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