The Benefits of Wood Blinds

The Benefits of Wood Blinds
May 1, 2022 All Blinds & Shutters

While many people use plastic or vinyl window blinds as a quick and cheap solution to window treatments, there is another option. While it is true that plastic blinds are an economical solution, wood blinds provide several advantages over other blind options. If you are contemplating the purchase of new blinds for your Santa Clarita home, here are a few points to keep in mind.

Wood blinds beat even the highest quality plastic blinds. A stain can be applied to the exterior of the blinds, helping to accent the natural grain of the wood. Even if the blinds are painted, the additional thickness of wood blinds will usually work well with everything. 

Wood blinds are also multipurpose when it comes to the selection of wood and the size of the slats. The range of designs help the blinds to work in with a variety of window fashions, certainly many more than plastic blinds, plastic window shades, or even wood shades.

Wood blinds are also easier to clean than other types of Venetian blinds. Other blinds are hard to clean without taking them down. Very dirty blinds may need to be soaked for a while in a bathtub of soapy water. Wooden blinds can be cleaned without having to take them down, and of course, they are never put in a bathtub! 

Wooden blinds are great for light control and privacy. Darker colors can keep rooms darker while white lets in plenty of light without compromising privacy like some shades. 

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